This is the gamer brayden page. Here you can read gamer brayden. Enjoy my vast array of the brayden.

i make new comics when i feel like it so dont expect a steady schedule

(also all comics past 5 are in a larger resolution so i downscaled them for easier viewing.

if you want the full resolution version just click on it

Comic 1: An Introduction (7/7/2020)

Comic 2: Videogames! (7/7/2020)

Comic 3: Deja Vu (7/7/2020)

Comic 4: Dated Joke (7/7/2020)

Comic 5: Popular, Popular, Popular! (7/8/2020)

Comic 6: Life-changing Knowlege (9/13/2021)

Comic 7: DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Out Today (not sponsored) (9/17/2021)

Comic 8: Blank Stare (11/23/2021)