wow okay

a key to a lock and a dream to a dream
super amateur ambient track i threw together in the span of a few minutes,
for a project that's been indefinitely shelved.
i basically just took a short clip of a song from the smile for me soundtrack,
repeated it a couple times, and threw a paulstretch on it.
then i put a random pitch bend in the middle of the song for good(?) measure.
i forgot this one existed so it wasn't on this page for a while.

sugar cube hyper twilight
made in audacity! kinda crap but not that bad.
samples parappa the rapper 2 in case you didn't catch it

world gate
also made in audacity. i just kinda wanted to throw together an ambient thing no biggie

my first module file. i had fun doing the percussion.

says on the tin, a haunting waltz. this was a demo for a project in-the works and the results are exciting

neo ultraflux
a high energy lo-fi jungle song i threw together at midnight on my birthday based on a ditty i came up with 2 days prior.
it uses just 4 channels to make the magic happen. it's a little repetitive but i don't care

neo ultraflux remastered
alternate version of neo ultraflux, for those who enjoy the crunchiness of the raw soundbytes.
this version is exclusive to my website cuz i didn't wanna clog my soundcloud page with arbitrary crap.

song from a dream i had
i heard a song in a dream and i thought it was cool so i made it real.

wayward vagabond
another drum & bass song i created on a whim. it took me over a year
to finish it because procrastination. the homestuck reference wasn't intentional.

manifold ruins
i felt like making a mysterious ambient track again,
but this time i wanted to make a good one so i did that.
this one is also based on a song i heard in my dreams

never obsolete
the result of me messing around in openmpt using windows sound effects. i like this one.

never obsolete v2
an improved version of never obsolete.
i wasn't happy with a few things in the original so i fixed them.
i also added a few noises in the background.
they're from various old windows commercials.
i reuploaded this song like 4 times because apparently i'm a goddamn perfectionist

battle android model s
a little ditty i made for fun. i really like how this one came out.
i experimented with the samples a lot and it
ended up sounding like something out of an old 3d platformer

blacklight ex
here's a remake of my first module file. i essentially just took the old version and improved on everything.
things like the pacing, the mixing, the instruments, the lack of a countermelody, etc.

rapid eye movement demo
this is a demo for a song to be used in a game that i've been rotating in my brain for ~6 years.
the game will not be in production for a long time, but please look forward to it...
a simple tune i threw together in a few minutes impulsively while messing around with sound effects.
it samples the dreamcast dev kit startup sequence