about me

me ^

my name is jamie/avery! i am genderfluid (she/he/they) and i have a cat named oliver. i'm an artist and i have been ever since i was a small child scribbling kirby ocs on printer paper, gamedev as of late 2019, aspiring musician who barely ever tries to improve her skills (i promise i will do it someday i am learning), MIDI enthusiast, part time audio editor (i do it for fun), HTML/CSS mastermind (actually a noob), and a writer among other things probably!

some things that i like include BUT are absolutely not limited to:

windows computers/old tech

midi files

rpg maker

casio keyboards (couldve guessed that from the start lol)

arcade games


microsoft paint (most of if not all of the art on this site was done in it)

rainbowcore, webcore, weirdcore

uhh undertale

modding/hacking software (nintendo wii 4 example)


my hyperfixations change all the time so :P

here are some fun facts about me:

my favorite color is every single one of them

my favorite kind of pizza is bacon and cheese (its also maybe just my favorite food in general)

i have ADHD and SPD (can u tell???)

i know some things about color theory??

my favorite "normal person" musical genres are bossa nova and jazz but i mostly listen to that wack shit

ok u can know my favorite food and musical genre(s) but my favorite number is confidential information

i own one of the most valuable beanie babies on the planet (no i am not selling it, i refuse to)

i used to go by the name saturn but then i designed a character that fit that name and now i dont go by that name anymore

u are cool

and thats abt it if u wanna simplify things!