Old Pages

Here is all of the old pages, sorted by oldest to newest.

tutorial - The first page ever created for the site, a mandatory tutorial page. my first in a long line of html creations

old 404 page - The old 404 page, complete with ms paint soap drawing.

testpage - A simple test page made to test fonts and backgrounds.

about page - The about page made for this site when it was first created as rainbowresort.neocities.

about me - Old about me page. Features my old aliases and gender identity

testintro - The old intro page created for the casioparade version of this site. This is the test version.

renovationpage - A special version of the "page under construction" placeholder with a background.

casioparade last index - The last index from casioparade before it became tennisfortwelve.

old music page - The old music page from casioparade's last iteration.

old characters page - The old characters page from casioparade's last iteration.

old games page - The old games page from casioparade's last iteration.

old xtra page - The old Misc page from casioparade's latest iteration.

old secret page - An old secret page. This one was replaced with something else.