this one is weird. i appeared in a dark place with nothing in it but one of those televisions with a vcr built in. it was turned on, but nothing was playing, so it was just white noise. i walked toward the television to turn it off but then a white vhs tape came out. i went to pick it up but then it jumped out at me. once i collected myself and my eyes readjusted i saw that the vhs tape now had a weird body, it kinda looked like a black and white bowling pin. once i stood up it turned around and started to speak to me.

"hello there" it said.

i asked "who are you?"

it replied "my name is morse. where we are isnt important, i come with crucial information"

then it asked if my name was indigo... which was weird that it knew because nobody in any dream ive had besides friends for family have known my name before. anyways i answered yes

then he drops a bunch of knowledge on me like its nothing

"somewhere, someday you will meet someone named maxwell. your life will make an unexpected turn and you will end up somewhere beyond your wildest dreams. there you will meet lots of people you don't know. you won't realize it at first but they are all trapped inside of this deceptive paradise. maxwell is too. do you know what will save them?"

i shook my head, because i was genuinely at a loss for words at this point

he responded "gaze into my magnetic tape, and you will see"

it was just my reflection. i pointed this out and he replied with "exactly. you are the key to the lock that binds them. and once you set them free... well, i don't know what happens after that. you'll have to find out on your own."

he paused for a moment, but continued with "you'll be trapped too, but despite this, you will find a way to save yourself... you will find a way to save everyone. this i know"

we stood in silence for a moment. i kinda had to process what was dumped on me just then

then he spoke again, with some parting words


"i believe in you"

and with those parting words his head fell off and back into the vcr. the door on the vcr closed and the tv shut off, then i woke up

this is probably the strangest dream ive ever had. or at least, to date

nov 12, 2015